The MedLim start-up program accelerates start-ups that want to bring a new medical device and/or technology to the global market.

The MedLim program has been initiated by 4 parties: Medtronic, Brightlands, LIOF and Maastricht University.

MedLim is unique as it provides support by world class experts in the field of business, medical device development, regulatory, IP & financing. 

You can work on YOUR  start-up with support of experts to develop the business model, vision/mission, market insights, positioning, product development roadmap and investment readiness.

Scope MedLim program

If you are active with your start-up in any of the areas below, MedLim is for you.

Founding fathers MedLim

The MedLim start-up program has been co-created in a unique partnership between Medtronic, Brightlands and LIOF. Leveraging the proven start-up program foundation by Brightlands Innovation Factory, MedLim is adding specific medical device knowledge from each of the partners.

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